Caleb Ellwood

I’m married to the lovely Rhona and live locally in Acomb. We have three children – Emma, Micah and Maisie. I’m passionate about Jesus, my family, the local church, my local community and DIY projects. I currently lead the team of elders at Gateway and I have the privilege of working full-time for the church.

Talks by Caleb Ellwood

21 July 2024The Spiritual Practice of WorshipSpiritual Practices Teaching Series
30 June 2024Faith Put To The TestLiving Hope Teaching Series
2 June 2024Hope For All PeopleWho We Are Teaching Series
11 May 2024Vision Weekend Session ThreeChurch Vision Weekend 2024 Talks
11 May 2024Vision Weekend Session OneChurch Vision Weekend 2024 Talks
25 February 2024The Kingdom of HeavenThe King is Here Teaching Series
14 January 2024The Yoke of GraceThe King is Here Teaching Series
26 November 2023The Challenge for Every GenerationForwards in Faith Teaching Series
29 October 2023Be Strong and CourageousForwards in Faith Teaching Series
29 October 2023Israel, Gaza and Biblical CovenantsPodcasts
24 September 2023God’s Limitless Presence(Un)limited Teaching Series
25 June 2023AccessThe Crucified King Teaching Series
14 May 2023The Enthronement of the KingThe Crucified King Teaching Series
23 April 2023Good Giving: Giving Under GraceGood Giving: Tithes & Offerings Teaching Series
19 March 2023GethsemaneForsaken Teaching Series
5 February 2023Sheep, Wolves, Snakes and DovesGo! Teaching Series
22 January 2023God Invitation to a Better LifeGo! Teaching Series
18 December 2022The Importance of Celebrating VictoriesThe King and His Army Teaching Series
11 December 2022Sin that so Easily EntanglesThe King and His Army Teaching Series
23 October 2022Marching on our KneesThe King and His Army Teaching Series
11 September 2022Three Life-Changing, World-Shaking PracticesStand Alone Talks
4 September 2022The Coming SeasonStand Alone Talks
2 July 2022Power for the Ordinary LifeRefuel Teaching - Church Weekend at Home 2022
19 June 2022How to stay hopefulHope & Holiness Teaching Series
22 May 2022The Quest for the Radical MiddleHope & Holiness Teaching Series
24 April 2022Grace, Peace and ThanksgivingHope & Holiness Teaching Series
6 March 2022EternityElementary Teaching Series
23 January 2022Welcome to the FamilyStand Alone Talks
16 January 2022Build Down, Build Up and Build OutStand Alone Talks
9 January 2022Where Do We Go From Here?Stand Alone Talks
25 December 2021Jesus: Light of the WorldStand Alone Talks
5 December 2021Micah and his Pick & MixFlawed People Faithful God Teaching Series
17 October 2021Assess; Adapt; AdvocateCreation Care Teaching Series
12 September 2021Remembering GodFlawed People Faithful God Teaching Series
25 July 2021Friends who are familyFriendship Matters Teaching Series
4 July 2021The Great CommissionSent Teaching Series
16 May 2021Unlimited ForgivenessLord's Prayer Teaching Series
18 April 2021Hallowed Be Your NameLord's Prayer Teaching Series
4 April 2021The Last WordStand Alone Talks
7 February 2021Everything Made CleanEncountering Jesus Teaching Series
3 January 2021Jesus Heals A Man With LeprosyEncountering Jesus Teaching Series
13 December 2020Fit for PurposeStand Alone Talks
8 November 2020Everyone is an AdvertOne Body Teaching Series
4 October 2020Everyone Can Get AlongOne Body Teaching Series
6 September 2020Everyone is ConnectedOne Body Teaching Series
19 July 2020The Power of PrayerFaith Works Teaching Series
7 June 2020Keep Your Eyes on JesusStand Alone Talks
29 March 2020The BetrothalPassion Week Teaching Series
15 March 2020Figs or LeavesPassion Week Teaching Series
9 February 2020Distinctives: KindnessDistinctives Teaching Series
2 February 2020Distinctives: SpiritDistinctives Teaching Series
5 January 2020Distinctives: GatewayDistinctives Teaching Series